Zack Applewhite

Head of Marketing

Professionally, Zack works as an Search Engine Optimization Strategist where he is able to keep his appetite for marketing mostly fed. On the side Zack has a passion for marketing for creatives and is working to further his own talents through game design and short stories.

  • Thinking Critically

    Thinking Critcally is a discussion show with different guests each episode. Danilo and his guest take a single concept or idea and discuss what that means within the D&D framework to help you get the most out your sessions, whatever side of the screen you sit on.

    This episode I am joined by professional marketer Zack Applewhite, of Applewhite Games, who takes us on a whistle-stop masterclass of content marketing tips, advice, and real-world examples to help us better promote the amazing work we do! Starting with his suggestion of a "content chop shop" where you disassemble the content you create to vastly increase quality output.

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  • Beholder to No One

    A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast where we talk about anything and everything D&D 5e.

    Marketting is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to being a creator. Sometimes we just don't know where to start. Today I'm joined by Zack Applewhite as we discuss some of the things he's learned and that I've experimented with throughout our experiences as small time creators in the TTRPG space. Perhaps you have some tips you'll want to share in the comments too!

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