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Journey to the unique world of Eraegarth, where the old world of swords and magic combine with the iron of industrialization. All our materials are compatible with DnD 5th Edition.

Download Free Eraegarth Source Material

"Explore an expansive world of high fantasy in the midst of industrial revolution. This RPG setting features a rich magical environment with the flavors of the Victorian era."

Within this newly expanded guide to Eraegarth are the details of the lore and mechanics of this brand new world. Including detailed histories of the prominent races as well as a guide to firearms, locomotives, guilds & more!

Chronicles of Eraegarth

Delve deeper into the world of Eraegarth with this collection of diverse short stories. Experience a number of familiar settings such as the remote island of Isla Oro and the city of Ravensport. Discover new lands as well as new characters; a nature loving bard, an aging dwarven hunter, a trio of adventure loving brothers, and more...

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