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Isla Oro: Location & Gambling Guide for DnD5e (PDF)

Isla Oro: Location & Gambling Guide for DnD5e (PDF)

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Set sail in Eraegarth!!  This installment introduces the wiles and isles of Isla Oro, a casino island ruled by a powerful pirate queen. As well as an exciting new module, ‘The Curse of the Black Spot’!

  • Levels 8th-10th
  • Release Date 2020
  • Contains:
    • The Island of Isla Oro Location
    • Curse of the Black Spot Campaign Module
    • Gambling and Games Companion Material
    • Treasure Trackers Children's Adventure
    • BONUS Modules: Side Quests of Isla Oro
      • The Bad Hatter
      • Pickwell’s Folly
      • Temple of the Sky Mother

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