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The Elementalist: DnD 5e Class Guide (PDF)

The Elementalist: DnD 5e Class Guide (PDF)

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In this, the latest release from Applewhite Games, we will be unveiling the Elementalist: an original class compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e! This class was built to be a flexible caster for those who don't like to keep track of spell lists or are new to the game and looking for a streamlined casting experience. Instead of preparing or learning spells, the Elementalist expends points from its Mana pool to craft damage spells that can be molded by range, intensity, and even damage type. (P.S. Did I mention that this class would make the perfect benders for the Avatar the Last Airbender fans out there?)

  • Release 2023
  • Contains:
    • Path of the Elementalist
      • Elementalist Class Guide
      • 7 Original Elemental Stat Blocks
    • Short Story: Heart of Fire
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